Refund Policy

This is the place where you can find out how we'll deal the refund of our orders. We believe and hope that we never need to use this for our clients as we always ensure the highest quality of services for all. However, somethings things may not work as we describe, that's why this place will help you how you'll get refund and when the refund policy will apply -

Refund Policy for Error Fixing

We do 100% REFUND if we failed to fix your problem on your WordPress site as promised. Feel free to ask any questions (through live chat or contact us page) regarding our services or if you need any custom services. Thanks a lot to be with us!

Refund Policy for Page Speed Optimization

We do 100% REFUND if we failed to speed up your WordPress site as promised.

We do 50% REFUND if we can't reach the target area but reach almost closer to it. Sometimes, due to the server issue, theme issue or other external plugins cause unwanted results and those can't be fixed as they are hosted on the 3rd party sites.

Refund Policy for Local SEO

For Local SEO Project, we can't ensure any ranking guarantee for your local keywords., because there are lots of other issues you must follow for Google 1st Page Ranking.  So, it'll not possible to make a refund after completing the project.

Refund Policy for On Page SEO

We do not ensure 1st-page ranking guarantee with our On Page SEO service, as there are other issues should consider for ranking. It does not ensure 1st page ranking, but it'll definitely boost your ranking. If the keywords competitions are too low, then the chances are higher.  So, unfortunately, we can't issue ANY REFUND on this service.

Refund Policy for Web 2.0

We do 100% REFUND if we failed to provide the service we promised. But once work is delivered, it can't be refundable. Note that, we do not provide any ranking guarantee with this service because there's a lot of other issues are also considered while ranking any keywords.